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Chocolate Crepes with Flambéed Bananas Foster
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
I don't think I need to reinvent the wheel here, so I pulled a great recipe from online for these crepes.
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1½ cups flour
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 6 T. powdered sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ tsp. vanilla
  • ¼ salt
  • butter for the pan
  1. Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl, vigorously until the batter is completely smooth.
  2. Melt a little butter in the pan, over medium high heat.
  3. Ladle a scoop of batter into the hot pan, swirling it around to coat the bottom of the pan.
  4. If the batter goes up the sides a little, that's ok.
  5. Cook for about a minute until the sides become loosened from the pan.
  6. Using a spatula, flip one side of the crepe over the spatula, then gently flip it.
  7. Cook for about another 45-60 seconds.
  8. Slide the crepes onto a plate in a pile.
  9. Repeat with the butter before ladling a scoop of the batter for each crepe.


Have you ever had crepes?  When I was eleven or so, my mom would take me to a restaurant in Torrance called The Magic Pan.  That’s all they did was crepes.  I remember having a savory crepe filled with chicken in a creamy cheese sauce with broccoli, for dinner.  Dessert was amazing.  I remember eating a chocolate crepe wrapped around a perfect “bar” of vanilla ice-cream, topped with chocolate whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Basically the stuff dreams are made of.  Well the other morning I invited my dear friend Cindy over for breakfast and I wanted to make it special.  We haven’t seen each other in a while (she’s been cruising around Mexico, swimming with dolphins, climbing Mayan ruins and flying in tin can airplanes bound for exotic adventures.  I blog.  That’s my exciting life.) and we needed a bit of girl time to catch up.  So breakfast had to be fab.  Fabby.  Fabulous.  Fabulosity.  Chocolate crepes with flambéed bananas foster sounded like the best thing.  So here we go . . .

DSC_4454 Make the crepe batter.  It’s so easy!  Add the flour, salt, cocoa powder and powdered sugar in a bowl.

DSC_4451 To two cups of milk, add some vanilla. . . .

DSC_4453 And two eggs.  Note, the skill level it took to crack an egg one handed, while taking a picture.  Dang I’m good!  Just kidding!

DSC_4488 Now pour the wet into the dry and mix well.  I mean well.  For like 30 seconds of brisk whisking.  You don’t want any lumps.

DSC_4459 Now get the rest of your ingredients.  It looks like I drank the rum and then threw all the stuff on the counter and grabbed my camera.  No care taken whatsoever in the placement of these lovely ingredients.  Hey!  I was expecting company and I was in a hurry, ok?!  Jeez!

DSC_4460 Grab yur cast iron skillet.  Or another skillet, whatever you got.  Melt the butter over medium highish heat.

DSC_4461 Slice up the four bananas.


Now add in a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and let it melt.


Now put in the bananas.
Now while putting in about 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, take a blurry picture.  See, pride goes before the fall!
Then add about 1/2 cup of rum.  If you’re bad you’ll add more.  What do you think I am?

DSC_4473Take your long lighter and light it close to the bananas.  A gentle flame will explode off the bananas (just kidding).  Gently stir until the flame goes out.  Now the alcohol is all burned out of the pan and you’re left with a lovely rum flavor.  YUMMY!  Nummers!  NUMYUMMY!

DSC_4492I love this thing.  If you don’t have a silicone baster brush, run to Sur La Table and get one.  So you want to mash a little butter in your brush . . .

DSC_4493And take a really good nonstick pan that’s been heating over medium heat, and brush the butter all over.

DSC_4495Take about a full ladle of batter. . .

DSC_4496And pour it in the hot pan, swirling as you go. . .

DSC_4497Tilting the pan so that the whole bottom is covered.


DSC_4500It’ll take about 45 seconds or so and it will start to bubble and then it’s ready to turn.


Take a crepe spatula, or a long frosting spatula, and turn the crepe over on it, then . . .

DSC_4502Flip it the rest of the way and let it cook for another 20 seconds or so.

DSC_4503Now slide it on out and onto a plate.  Easy peasy.

DSC_4477Add two teaspoons of vanilla sugar to a half pint of whipping cream in a mixer.


Mix until it’s fluffy and delicious.

DSC_4505Alright now set up a little crepe station and prepare to fill and serve.  Here’s how I did it.

DSC_4506 Take a crepe and lay it so it’s a bit off set on your plate.  Spoon a heaping tablespoon of numyumminess on top.

DSC_4507 Now some whipped cream . . . .

DSC_4508 Fold it in half. . . .

DSC_4509 And do one more layer. . .

DSC_4510Oh glory!


DSC_4512 Top with more whipped cream and a drizzle of the yummy syrup from the pan.

DSC_4513 Then hand it to your pretty friend, who looks good in strapless dresses, and have her model the food!







Chocolate Crepes with Flambéed Bananas Foster

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  • May 14, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    look yummy! and mrs. macintosh looks beautiful. 😉 i’ll pin this onto my “food I can’t eat” board. 😀


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