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Have you ever been to Anthropologie?  No?  Go there!  It’s fantastic.  I love it.  They have clothes, fragrances, jewelry, accessories, and kitchen wares.  Mostly I can’t afford anything from Anthropology, so I buy things in little bits, and not very often.  But the other day my mom wanted to stop in (she had never had been there before) as we were on our way back from her doctor’s appointment and we needed a treat.  Do you ever feel like that?  Like you need to buy yourself a little something?


So she bought me this DARLING, did you hear me, DARLING mermaid dish towel!  It’s cute beyond words, I adore it.  I feel like I am the mermaid, minus the long hair and flat stomach.  Anyway, Anthropologie has the cutest kitchen towels, and what a great way to bring a little whimsy to your kitchen!  This one was $18.00.

I’ve always wanted a seahorse comb for my hair. . . .

Here is what I bought myself.  Two bowls.  That’s it.  Just two.  These puppies speak to me!  The black and white one is my favorite, I adore it.  So far I’ve eaten fruit salad in one and quinoa salad in the other.  They make me terribly happy.  Not bad for a $20. spot, huh?  (That’s $10.00 each)




Lovelies for the Kitchen

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