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It rained the other night.  I LOVE the rain!  I don’t even mind driving in it.  The weird thing about this rain was what preceded it.  4 days of blistering hot winds and scorching days.  In May.  It was just weird.  So when it started to rain I was grateful!  Our land is so dry right now, the spring grasses hardly sprung this year and I’ve had my drip system on two a week for two hours at a time.  Usually at this time of year the ground is soaked enough to keep the grasses (and weeds) growing for many months.  But even the rabbits are out around my patio waiting for me to throw the scraps from my cutting board or our salad left overs, out the back door.  But last night it rained!  All night!  And it was steady, which my garden just loves.  So this morning I was up early and I grabbed my camera and went out to see what I could see.


I know this picture is out of focus, but do you see all the purple and turquoise sparkles?!  I just love it.  The bird netting caught all the water and the sun shown, casting a rainbow affect all over the beds.

ere’s what it really looked like.

o you know what a rain chain is?  I’ve always wanted one and I finally had the chance to get one last summer.  This one is 100% copper.  The water comes down the roof into the rain gutter
and it trickles down the chain and into the copper basin.  Below this basin is actually a drain, which we chose to cover with black river rocks.  The water gently overflows the bowl and into the drain
and then runs through a pipe and out the side of our hill off to the right.  Just fyi.



 love the rain.


It Rained!