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    Santa Fe Salad

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    White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

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Layered Beef Enchiladas

Posted in - Dinner & Recipes
on September 21st 2014


These layered beef enchiladas are gloriously D-lish!  I have been rolling enchiladas for years and getting my hands messy with the sauce and dipping them in oil to soften them up, and then I decided to try something different and easy.  Oh, and no oil.  Not that I’m knocking the use of vegetable oil to …

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Santa Fe Salad

Posted in - Salads & Sauces
on August 29th 2014

Do you ever just want a salad that has something in it other than just lettuce and tomato?  I get bored easily so I’m always trying new ways of spicing up my salads by adding new things.  Last night I made a salad that had a sort of southwestern spin on it (I just came …

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Small Home Storage

Posted in - Organization
on August 8th 2014

I’ve told you before that I live in a small house, which I actually love for several reasons.  First off, the obvious. . . it’s less to clean.  A small home is also less to manage.  Let’s be honest, our stuff can overwhelm us, don’t you just hate that?  It has taken me years of …

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Home Office Redo

Posted in - Organization
on August 7th 2014

When we moved into this house five years ago we realized two things: 1. we were down sizing from a 2,600 sq ft home to an 1,100 sq ft home. 2. we had to make due with what we had.  Nothing wrong with either of those things, but at some point, a girl must move …

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Roasted Salsa

Posted in - Sauces
on July 26th 2014

Yesterday I went on this Mexican food cooking spree and pretty much out did myself, thank you very much.  My inner Mexican came out and I almost started speaking spanish and singing mariachi music (oh paleeeze!).  Anyway, usually I go to Cardenas to buy some salsa to compliment my Mexican dinners, but honestly I thought, …

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Fig Hazelnut Smoothie

Posted in - Stuff I Like
on July 25th 2014

I’ve gone over this before. . . figs are weird.  They are!  They’re all brown and purply and shrively on the outside and pink and strangely seedy, or maybe hairy, yet soft on the inside.  Weird.  The way a fig tastes is sweet.  To me, there is no flavor, they are just sweet.  And when …

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Mocha Sheet Cake

Posted in - Dessert
on July 22nd 2014

I clipped this recipe from a Country Home magazine back in 2009 and unlike lots of recipes I clip out, I actually tried this one and fell in love!  I feel like a list is warranted here, of what I love so much, so here it is:

it’s home made, from scratch
it has strong brewed coffee …

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Pumpkin Fig Crunch Bread

Posted in - Breakfast & Pumpkin & Recipes
on July 22nd 2014

The fig is a mystery to me.  Growing up I ate Fig Newtons, the most random cookie a kid could eat.  And is it really a cookie?  What’s a fig, you ask, as your munching your Fig Newton.  And who is Newton?  Why figs?  You hear about fig trees in the Bible.  The leaves, the …

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White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

Posted in - Dessert
on July 19th 2014

When I need to feed a crowd of people a trifle is always a good way to go.  Most of my people have tried my Death by Chocolate and Fruit Trifle, so I thought it would be wise to try something a bit different, you know, launch into deeper waters!  But not too deep!  After …

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Hi Thanks for stopping in. I'm Michelle Becerra. I love the Lord, He is my Rock, and the most important thing in my life. I'm a wife to a wonderful, fantastical guy, and I have one creative handsome son. I love to cook, create, shop and conjure up new ideas and share my treasures. I've been a bit stifled (creatively speaking), in recent years, so here I go, out on a limb. . . a new adventure. . .

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