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    Sausage Chard Rigatoni

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    Cookies n' Cream

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    Quickie Mexi 'Dilla

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Whole Grain Salad Bowls

Posted in - Dinner & Lunch & Recipes & Salads
on April 16th 2014

At the tender age of 44 Husband and I have launched into a new phase of our lives together.  It was initially prompted by our son turning 18 and then moving out.  Then he turned 19 and I got more gray hair and Husband started getting off the sofa slower.  Maybe …

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Sausage Rigatoni

Posted in - Dinner & Recipes
on April 14th 2014

Pasta is a blank canvas, agreed?  It receives meats, cheeses and vegetables just beautifully, plus it feeds a crowd.  What can be better?  Not much, in my opinion.  So one night I was having our Dinner for 8 leaders over for dinner and I needed to make something that would feed a crowd, and be …

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Chipotle Glazed Ham

Posted in - Holiday Cooking
on April 2nd 2014

Ham and Easter are synonymous with each other, right?  Every Easter I make a ham.  Once I bought what I call a “regular” ham from the store.  It was gelatinous, and rubbery, and needless to say it wasn’t a happy meal on Easter.  Then I started buying hams from the Honey Baked Ham store, and …

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Cookies n’ Cream

Posted in - Dessert & Recipes
on March 30th 2014

When I was little I’d go to my grandparents house for dinner and holidays, and many times Grandma would make this lovely, simple little dessert.  I’m sure she made it because it was so incredibly simple, with no baking required, and of course it’s delicious.  Fresh whipped cream was a staple in all the Paul …

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Quickie Mexi ‘Dilla

Posted in - Dinner & Lunch & Recipes
on March 22nd 2014

There comes a time for everyone when you just need something quick to fix for dinner.  Right?  Or maybe you’re not a frequent cook and you’re looking for easy and quick recipes, just to get your feet wet a little.  Well, here’s one.  It doesn’t get much easier!

Start by browning a pound of ground beef …

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Posted in - Dinner & Recipes & Sauces
on March 20th 2014

Who doesn’t like lasagna?  I love it.  If your mind is open to it, there are many different types of lasagna to make, if you think of it like this. . . noodles, sauce, cheese.  Those three basic components are needed to make lasagna.  Having said that, you can get super creative and make veggie, …

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Garlic Knots

Posted in - Appetizers & Recipes
on March 14th 2014

I first had garlic knots about 13 years ago while at a friend’s house in Corona.  We ordered pizza from a local joint and we were told we just had to try these garlic knots.  Well, I fell in love!  Me and the knot became fast friends, but it took years until I figured out …

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Death by Chocolate

Posted in - Dessert & Recipes
on March 8th 2014

I don’t know who named this dessert, but it wasn’t me.  I’m going with it though.  This crazy easy dessert has a huge wow factor, feeds an army and satisfies that chocolate sweet and creamy tooth you’ve got going on sometimes.  Let’s do this!

Bake two batches of brownies, k?
OTE TO SELF: clean the edge …

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Blueberry Bran Muffin Cakes

Posted in - Breakfast & Recipes
on March 7th 2014

I was at it again last night.  Using up things in my fridge.  You know how I hate to throw things out and this time I had a bunch of blueberries that weren’t the freshest, but they were far from “bad”, so I came up with this recipe.  Seriously!

When Jack was living at home I …

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